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In a world filled with remarkable journeys, there is one that stands out - the journey of Kirsten Carabin, the founder of Desire.


Kirsten's passion for preserving this time-honored art led her to convince the Vietnamese government to allow her to work in their cement tile factory and immerse herself in the intricacies of this ancient art form. With unwavering determination, she dedicated herself to understanding every intricacy of tile production, constantly seeking ways to improve the tile. Unfortunately, the factory she worked in eventually closed, but this setback only fueled Kirsten's determination to bring cement and terrazzo tiles to even greater heights. Undeterred by the closure of the factory she loved, Kirsten embarked on a new journey - building her own factory. However, her path was not without obstacles. An unscrupulous expat factory manager stole her factory, causing her dreams to crumble. But Kirsten's spirit was unbreakable. With the support of her team of artisans and friends, led by the indomitable factory manager Le Hang, the team rallied and rebuilt the factory from the ground up and now produces superior cement and terrazzo tiles for premier luxury retailers and luxury homes and hotels throughout the world.

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