• BRICK 8 x 4"| 24 | 4.5 pcs.sf | 5.3
  • SQUARE 4 x 4" | 48 | 8 pcs.sf | 5.3
  • SQUARE 8 x 8" | 12 | 2.25 pcs.sf | 5.3
  • SQUARE 5 x 5 " | 12 | 5 pcs.sf | 4.8
  • SQUARE 8 x 8" | 12 | 2.25 pcs.sf | 5.3

Our tiles are delivered by truck on pallets. The tiles are packed in boxes. The boxes are stacked and strapped on pallets. Each box of tile weights on average 38 lbs., each full pallet weights on average 1819 lbs. and holds a maximum of 256 square feet of tile.

THE LOAD PLAN | The pallets are customarily loaded into 20’ containers. Each container will hold approximately 22 pallets of 8 x 8-inch cement and terrazzo tiles. Small orders which are pre-sold are packing in individual crates.

After the pallets are put into the container, the pallets are braced together using wood. Attaching the pallets together further secures the pallets into their position to avoid movement during transpiration which might damage the tiles.

THE WEIGHT | Maximum 20’ container weight 39000 lbs (approx. 17500kg). This is equivalent to approximately 4,500 sf of tile. Maximum weight of 40’ container weight 48000 lbs (approx. 22000kg).

THE SHIPMENT DOCUMENTATION | The shipment travels with a commercial invoice and packing list. All shipment contents are listed in this documentation. All crates and pallets are numbered. The number of the crate and/or pallet is indicated on the commercial invoice and the packing list, Next to each pallet or crate # is the identifying information for the product on the pallet or in the crate.

If specified in the purchase order, installation instructions will be included on the pallet or in the crate. The packing list listing pallet and/or crate contents will be secured on the outside of the wrapping of each pallet and/or crate.

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