BIG BERTHA caviar blanc 8" SAMPLE

BIG BERTHA caviar blanc 8" SAMPLE


BIG BERTHA Caviar Blanc TRAILBLAZERS Collection "Come and Take It!" Heritage 8" handmade square with Blanc and Caviar background.

Samples are shipped FedEx One Rate and customarily arrive within 3 days. If you need overnight, please call 210.798.2288 and will accomodate your request.

We are located in San Antonio, Texas. Samples can be picked up at any of our showrooms or, if you need the sample fast and you are local, we will deliver the sample to you. Please call us to make arrangements at 210.798.2288.

Select up to 4 color chips from any collection HERITAGE, STONED or SPARKLERS to include with your sample tile shipment. There will be no additional cost. NOTE: The color chips are .43" inches thick. This is not the customary thickness for production cement & terrazzo tile.