EXUBERANCE peppercorn 8"


Tile is sold by the full box. Each box contains 5.3 SF. Divide the total SF by 5.3 to determine the # of boxes you need for your installation. Desire recommends adding 15% to your order for cuts/waste/layout preferences and repairs. Add 15%.

Add the total # of boxes to your cart.

The design is available in sizes 8 x 8" (20 x 20 cm) and 12 x 12" (30 x 30 cm). The design is available with just the center medallion and no corner embellishment.

The customary thickness for all cement and terrazzo tile is .63" (1.6 cm). The 8 x 8" tile can be ordered for vertical surfaces only in thickness of .55" (1.4 cm) or .39" (1.2 cm).

Your tile can be picked up by your contractor at either of our two San Antonio, Texas warehouse locations or we will make shipping arrangements direct to you. We can. and do, ship tile everywhere in the world.

Desire recommends non-pigmented, flexible un-sanded grout and, for patterns recommended joint width of 1/16th.



handmade Heritage cement tile

Favorite things

An artful mix of handmade pattern cement tile compliment a clean vanity and modern faucet While the colors are subdued, the effect is anything but......Grace blanc cosmopolitan original pattern from PROMENADE COLLECTION, Charmante exclusively at Desire-IN STOCK NOW.

or reserve GRACE agua jade (pictured) coming in stock October-2023.

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